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Welcome to Riddhi's Rainbow Creations!

~Our mission~

Art has been a enormous part of my life ever since I was 4 years old. It has given me a way to express myself since before I could read and write, and as I got older, it has been my refuge from the demands of high school. As an art teacher, I want to provide my students the same satisfaction I feel when I'm creating, and expose them to opportunities to take there art to the next level.

~Our vision~

As a subject, art is something that cannot be graded on accuracy, because there is not right and wrong when it comes to creating. It is not something that can be compared to the person next to you, because everybody's art is different in their own unique way. The only way to measure you progress in art is to consider whether you are putting in a 100% effort, and if you are doing better than you were before.

"Practice makes progress, not perfect"

Art Classes


ARTIST: Riddhi Joshi


Watercolor Paints
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